We're happy to have you here. The concept of Kotn Collective was born late night at some bar in Wisconsin. No, seriously. Graham is from the Midwest. A late night bar discussion around the controversy heavy topic of marijuana and sports made a light bulb go off. What if we combined the two? If beer companies can make sports apparel, why not do the same for weed? It was at this moment that Kotn Collective was born. While initially the brand started small, it was hard to ignore the growing popularity of the brand. Kotn Collective is excited to bring a new online store to you this year, and we look forward to "growing" with you!

There's more to Kotn Collective than meets the eye. Do us a favor and peep our sister brand, Cheef Oshkosh. If concentrates are your thing, make sure to your nearest CBD store to snag some Cheef Oshkosh concentrates. If you're more of a skin care junkie, check out our brand spanking new line of hemp skincare. We hope you enjoy!


Cheef Oshkosh is a brand native to Oshkosh, Wisconsin that specializes in CBD distillates.